Anion chip in sanitary pads

What is an anion chip?

Anion Chip is a chip containing a anion generator, commonly used in the absorption layer of personal hygiene products such as sanitary pads. Anion are oxygen ions with negative charges, which possess certain biological activity. They can capture and neutralize bacteria, viruses, and harmful substances in the air.
Anion chips can release anion, which, through adsorption, decomposition, and neutralization, help purify the environment of intimate areas, inhibit bacterial growth, improve blood circulation, reduce odor, and enhance the comfort and protective performance of personal hygiene products.

Application of anion chips in sanitary pads

  1. Improving the environment of women’s private areas: Women’s private areas are warm and humid environments, which are prone to bacterial growth. Anion chips can continuously release negative ions, which can combine with water molecules and bacteria, altering the bacterial environment and inhibiting the reproduction of harmful bacteria, thus reducing the risk of gynecological inflammation.
  2. Odor elimination: Anion chips can effectively decompose the odors produced by menstrual blood and other secretions, keeping the private area fresh and enhancing women’s quality of life.
  3. Promoting blood circulation: The release of negative ions helps improve local blood circulation, potentially alleviating discomfort during menstruation, such as swelling and bloating, positively impacting women’s health.
  4. Enhancing immunity: Negative ions can stimulate the phagocytic function of mononuclear phagocyte system in the body, potentially helping to enhance the immunity of women’s private areas and resist the invasion of external pathogens.
  5. Comfortable experience: Anion chips, combined with other high-quality materials, can provide a softer, drier user experience, reducing friction with the skin and increasing comfort during use.
  6. Innovative technological application: Anion chips, as a combination of modern technology and traditional hygiene products, represent the technological innovation and progress of the hygiene product industry, meeting the modern women’s pursuit of high-quality life.

Principle of Anion Chips

Definition and Characteristics of Negative Ions

Negative ions are oxygen ions with a negative charge, typically existing in the form of O2-. They possess biological activity and can react with harmful substances in the air, thereby purifying the air and producing health benefits. Negative ions are commonly found in nature, with higher concentrations in places such as mountains, waterfalls, and sea waves, hence believed to be beneficial to human health.

Manufacturing Principle and Process of Anion Chips

Anion chip are made by embedding a negative ion generator into products such as sanitary pads, and the manufacturing process is as follows:

  1. Select appropriate materials for the negative ion generator, typically materials with the ability to generate negative ions.
  2. Process the negative ion generator materials into the shape and size of chips.
  3. Embed the anion chips into suitable positions in products such as sanitary pads.
Generation of Negative Ions by Anion Chips

The negative ion generator material inside the anion chip can release a large number of negative ions through certain technological processes, such as electrolysis, ionization, and electric stone reactions. When the negative ion generator material is stimulated or activated by external factors, it releases negative charges and combines with water molecules to generate negative ions. These negative ions, carried by airflow, can be emitted by sanitary products, thereby inhibiting bacterial growth and improving the environment.

Advantages of Sanitary pads with Anion Chips

Antibacterial and Deodorizing Functionality
  1. Negative ions have a significant inhibitory effect on bacteria and fungi, mainly by disrupting the cell membrane structure of bacteria and fungi, causing them to lose activity, thereby achieving the antibacterial effect. Additionally, negative ions can neutralize harmful substances, reducing the proliferation of bacteria and fungi.
  2. Anion chips can continuously release negative ions, which can effectively decompose odor molecules, such as the fishy odor of menstrual blood and other secretions, thereby keeping the environment fresh.
Promotion of Blood Circulation
  1. Research has shown that negative ions have a positive effect on blood circulation. They can improve blood rheology, increase oxygen content, and blood flow velocity, thereby promoting blood circulation.
  2. During menstruation, women often experience discomfort such as bloating and heaviness. Anion chips may help alleviate these symptoms by releasing negative ions. The promotion of blood circulation by negative ions can help reduce discomfort during menstruation, providing women with a more comfortable experience.
Comfort and Health
  1. Anion chips are typically made of soft, breathable materials. This material not only feels soft and comfortable but also keeps dry, reduces friction with the skin, and enhances comfort during use.
  2. The negative ions released by anion chips are also beneficial to the skin, neutralizing the positive charge on the skin surface, reducing static electricity generation, helping to maintain skin moisture and smoothness. Additionally, negative ions help promote skin metabolism and improve skin condition.

Application of Anion Chips in Hygiene Products

Sanitary Pads
  1. The function and role of anion chips in sanitary pads mainly lie in their ability to generate negative ions, utilizing the characteristics of negative ions to improve the physiological environment during women’s menstruation. Anion chips can effectively increase the oxygen content in the body, inhibit the proliferation of harmful bacteria while protecting beneficial bacteria, thereby maintaining women’s physiological self-cleansing ability. Additionally, anion chips can promote blood circulation, helping to alleviate menstrual discomfort. Through these functions, anion chips provide women with a healthy, comfortable, and clean physiological environment.
  2. Anion chips come in different models and specifications in sanitary pads products to meet the diverse needs and preferences of different women. These different types of anion chips may vary in size, amount of negative ion release, duration of effectiveness, etc., providing personalized choices to meet the diverse needs of consumers.
Anion Chip Sanitary Pad
Anion Chip Sanitary Pad
Other Hygiene Products
  1. In addition to sanitary pads, anion chips can also be applied to other hygiene products such as panty liners and adult diapers. In these products, anion chips can also play their unique roles, such as antibacterial, deodorizing, and improving microcirculation. Particularly in adult diapers, the application of anion chips can effectively reduce odor and bacterial growth, enhancing the comfort and hygiene performance of the product.

Wholesale Guide for Anion Chips

Choose a Reputable and Reliable Supplier

When wholesale purchasing anion chips, selecting a reliable supplier is crucial. You can assess suppliers through the following aspects:

  • Certifications: Check if the supplier of anion chips possesses relevant production qualifications and product quality certifications to ensure the legality and reliability of their products.
  • Production Capacity: Understand the supplier’s production scale, technical level, and production equipment. Choosing a supplier with strong production capacity can meet your wholesale needs.
  • Reputation and Reviews: Understand the supplier’s market reputation and customer reviews to judge their service quality and business ethics.
Clarify Procurement Needs

Before wholesale purchasing anion chips, you need to determine your procurement needs, including product specifications, quantity, price, etc. This will help facilitate effective communication and negotiation with suppliers.

Compare Price and Quality

In the wholesale market, the price and quality of anion chips may vary due to differences in suppliers and products. Therefore, you need to compare the prices and quality of different suppliers and choose products with high cost performance. When the price meets your requirements, requesting free samples of anion chips from suppliers is a good way to assess product quality!

Sign a Purchase Contract

After determining the supplier and product, you need to sign a purchase contract with the supplier. The contract should specify the rights and obligations of both parties, including product specifications, quantity, price, delivery methods, payment methods, after-sales service, etc., to avoid subsequent disputes.

Inspection of Goods and After-Sales Service

Upon receipt of the goods, you need to conduct strict inspection to ensure that they meet the specifications and quality requirements specified in the contract. If there are any issues, you should communicate with the supplier promptly and negotiate solutions. Additionally, understanding the supplier’s after-sales service policy is important to ensure timely technical support and maintenance services when needed.

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